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In this election, we have a choice to make - between the D.C. we’ve always deserved and the D.C. we are told is "good enough"

On the DC Council, we will fight together to:

Reclaim the Promise of Public Education for Every DC Child

After over a decade of education reform in the District, improvement is too slow for students most at risk, resourcing and funding are too inequitable, and the ability for communities and families to shape and influence our education system is too limited. Educated in DC’s public and public charter schools, Markus believes every young person has the right to a quality education in a system of true choice, where all families have access to well-supported neighborhood public schools and to the information and supports that make choice possible.

Together, we will:

    • Achieve equitable school funding that meets the unique needs of every school and every student
    • Strengthen school transparency and oversight that makes educators and families meaningful parts of planning and decision-making
    • Get cross-sector collaboration and school planning right
    • Protect the rights of students with special needs
    • Provide affordable and accessible childcare for every family
    • Tackle trauma and fully fund mental health supports

Expand Economic Access & Opportunity

As a union employee, Markus understands that all of us deserve the opportunity to raise a family, work a good-paying job, and live affordably at the same time. For far too many of our residents, that opportunity is woefully out of reach. Every Washingtonian deserves the dignity and security of truly affordable housing and living wage work.

Together, we will:

    • Expand deep affordability by expanding rent control protections and the preservation and improvement of public housing
    • Expand tenants’ rights and ownership through TOPA, DOPA and community land trusts
    • Establish displacement free zones in fast-growing communities that minimizes harm to long-time residents and small businesses
    • Build a workforce system to effectively train and connect DC residents to DC jobs
    • Strengthen laws that protect returning citizens and LGBTQ+ residents from discrimination in housing and the workforce

Ensure Safe, Accessible & Vibrant Communities for Every DC Resident

We know that violence in our communities hurts the educational foundation of our youngest and most vulnerable. I will fight every day to provide safe access to our public areas, so no more children have to die on their way to and from school.

As our city prospers, every community isn’t feeling the prosperity. A growing city allows and requires bold investment that provides every Washingtonian with the access to opportunity we all need to thrive and the quality of life we all deserve.

Together, we will:

    • Provide safe, accessible, reliable, and affordable public transit
    • Address gun violence as a public health crisis by making bold investments in research, prevention, intervention and trauma recovery
    • Improve food access in underserved communities
    • Assure quality and proximate healthcare access, including a world class hospital east of the river.
    • Champion community-inclusive economic development that meets growing demand and protects neighborhood history and character
    • Support efforts that truly makes DC a santuary city that protects the safety and security of our undocumented neighbors from the barbaric practices of the Trump Administration

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